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15 Car Audio Installation Mistakes to Avoid

car audio installation mistakes

At first, installing a car audio system on your own can seem like a very excellent idea. However, as you get into the specific details, it becomes very clear that putting in a car audio system is not just about getting started. You certainly don’t want to leave any mistakes that not only degrade the sound quality but may also damage your car in a bad manner.

The process of installing a car audio system is quite delicate and also requires a lot of attention to the smallest details, alongside technical know-how. However, car enthusiasts be it whether they are novice or professional can easily make errors while trying to set up a car audio on their own. As such, we came up with this handy guide to address the common problems you are likely to encounter if decide to install car audio systems by yourself.

In this blog post, we discuss the top 15 most common car audio installation mistakes that you should keep in your mind and avoid.

Why It’s Important to Avoid Common Car Audio Installation Mistakes

With car audio system installation, the slightest mistake can lead to some bad consequences. If you choose to do a car audio installation on your own, then it is very possible that you will lose some money and end up with the poor quality results. Commonly, negative consequences will follow and include the equipment damage, safety hazards, etc.

Here’s why it’s important to avoid common car audio installation mistakes:

  • You get better sound quality: By avoiding errors, you can also have a car radio that is sounding great and not distorted.
  • Your radio will last longer: Installing your car radio in the right way will ensure that it remains better for as long as possible.
  • You keep yourself and your car safe: Knowing what can happen to your car will ensure that you are safe and keep away from any damaging the electronics.
  • You save money and time: Making corrections later can be quite very costly. By doing it right the first time, you will not only save your own money but also avoid wasting precious hours.

Thus, preventing car audio installation mistakes will allow not only to enjoy the good quality sound but also save your money, time and some nerves.

Based on our practice, the key recommendation that we would like to share with anyone thinking about installing car audio by themselves is to assess your mechanical skills. Installing a car audio system is much more complicated than simply connecting up the wires and mounting the speakers. It’s a very intricate process involving alot of technical know-how and mechanical proficiency.

Doing it yourself is only recommended if you are sure that you have done the proper research, possess the relevant skills and feel confident enough to install on your own. You should also be very familiar with the use of various tools and have practical experience in wiring, mounting, etc.

However, if you’re not sure about your capabilities or are hesitant regarding the process, it’s best to avoid the risk and seek professional assistance from the outset. Don’t let yourself believe that you will be able to begin the car audio installation process and if something wrong happens, one can just turn around for a help from any automotive shop. In our practice, the biggest errors are usually done at the beginning of the installation process and this, in turn makes it very difficult to correct them later on.

For an excellent result and a perfectly functional car audio system, it is advisable to take the process with the experts.

Mistakes to Avoid Before Car Audio Installation:

Installing a car audio system yourself requires very careful planning and also execution. And some of the biggest errors take place when you have not conducted your due diligence and do not have a coherent plan.

In this section, we give you a heads-up on what to look out for even before the car audio installation process starts. Use the tips below for planning your installation process to avoid these very common mistakes. This will guarantee a more streamlined procedure that would benefit you in the long run.

Mistake #1: Not Understanding Your Goals and Car Needs

If you don’t know what exactly do you want or by replacing the audio of your car then it is really easy to go in the wrong direction. Are you looking for a louder sound, a more better-sounding audio system or perhaps something else?

Without knowing what you want to get out of it, you can end up disappointed. You may find yourself having spent money, a lot of time and yet have not achieved the results you desired for, and in some instances even making things worse rather than improving them.

It is also necessary to know the specifications of your car and its limits so as not to have problems at any later stages in an installation process. Moreover, you must determine and specify a reasonable budget to be spent on all the expenses.

In summary, failure to understand your goals and car needs is the first mistake in installing a car audio. You should know first of all what your aim is, your budget estimation and how it can all work with your vehicle. 

Mistake #2: Purchasing the Wrong Audio System

Another common mistake is the purchasing of the audio system,  which doesn’t meet your car’s specifications. This may be incorrect dimensions, incompatible device, the wrong components and so on.

The choice of an incorrect audio system may create several problems in the future. At its best, it will not fit inside your car and this means that you waste a lot on the audio system. At its worst, it can completely ruin everything, ruining the installation process if not making it impossible.

Thus the importance of selecting a proper audio system for your particular car cannot be exaggerated enough. So just reach out us if you are not sure which one will suit your car the best.

In our shop, we offer various car audio systems and components. Please contact our experts and they will advise you on the proper car radio that suits your needs both in terms of its performance, features as well as the price. We can assist you in selecting an appropriate audio system for your car as well as in installing it properly.

Mistake #3: Skipping Research and Planning 

Having reached this point, then by now you must know that there is no possibility of skipping the research and planning stages if you wish to avoid car audio installation problems.

If you take the time to do your homework and make preparations ahead of time, then you will be ready for car audio installation with no much hassle.

In order to save you as much time and effort, we have developed a comprehensive guide on how to install a new car stereo. Be sure to read it completely before proceeding with the installation.

But do not restrict yourself to just that. Use all the tools and resources available online and find many more articles, or video tutorials on car audio installation. Ideally, try to find the tutorials for your particular car or audio system. 

Also ensure that if there are any areas in which you lack the knowledge and skills, such as wiring, then check extra tutorials on those topics too.

Mistake #4: Not Double Checking Parts

Before installing the car audio system, ensure you have all of your parts from the boxes. Make sure that they’re also well compatible with each other. Double-checking this will help eliminate any surprises in the future and ensure a smoother installation of your new car stereo system.

Mistake #5: Not Using the Proper Tools

Ensure that you have all the necessary tools and also materials so as to avoid complications during your car audio installation process. Don’t DIY or use poor quality supplies just because you want to save a few dollars. 

The benefit of investing in high-quality tools and materials will not only see you get the work done correctly, but also it will reduce any possible damage to your car or its components. Thus don’t compromise on necessary tools and make the quality a priority — you will thank yourself later.

Mistakes to Avoid During Car Audio Installation:

Now to the most crucial part, which is the car audio installation itself. This is where the majority of mistakes occur, and here it’s very easy to make a mistake. Below are the things you should be very careful about when installing a car audio system and what mistakes you absolutely must avoid. 

Mistake #6: Not Reading Instructions

How many times have you ignored reading the manuals? This is not one of those occasions.

Always read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers. Reach for the manual before there’s any problem. This is not the case where you can afford to skip through the given manual, as it may later be more costly if something should go wrong.

This is a point we can’t emphasize enough: so many mistakes would be avoided if you read the manual beforehand and not after the problems arise.

Therefore, please do read the instructions carefully and then follow them precisely. This is a very simple yet very important step that will allow you not to encounter unnecessary troubles later.

Mistake #7: Not Disconnecting the Battery

Make sure to disconnect the battery just before you start the car audio installation. Not doing so may cause electrical shocks and also potential damages to the car as well as yourself.

Therefore, be cautious and disconnect the battery first before working on the car audio installation.

Mistake #8: Poor Wiring and Grounding

One of the most common mistakes to avoid when installing car audio yourself is making a poor wiring and grounding. We have witnessed many such cases in our work experience, since car lovers usually overlook the value of this stage. Incorrect wiring and grounding can have a very negative effect on the entire audio system’s performance.

When we talk about the issue of wiring, there are two sides to this mistake and both of them need to be given equal consideration.

The first is the use of subpar wire materials. The use of low quality wires and improper gauge may lead to the decrease in the performance of the audio equipment.

There are three main types of materials in wires: 

  1. Copper-clad aluminum – poor quality
  2. Copper – medium quality 
  3. Oxygen-free copper – the best quality

Avoid-copper clad aluminum, as it is not of a good quality. Copper is a midrange material and it can also be suited for some installations. However, for the best quality, we recommend using oxygen-free copper wires.

If you have never wired a car audio system before or are in any doubt about how to go about it, don’t hesitate to contact us at Santa Clarita Autosound. One of our professionals will contact you and help you out.

Mistake #9: Not Wiring Correctly

The second part of the mistake and another widespread problem is the incorrect wiring.

Improperly wiring your car audio not only affects the quality of sound but also poses safety risks. Secured or insulated wires have the potential to cause short circuits and even damage your vehicle.

It is crucial to take the time to wire your car sound system correctly just as you would, with any electronic device. Ensure that each wire is connected precisely where it should be. Additionally pay attention to connections such as grounding the chassis and performing soldering for a reliable and long lasting connection.

Make sure that you strictly adhere and follow the written manufacturer guidelines for the wiring specifications. If in doubt, seek professional help on the car audio installation.

Mistake #10: Not Checking the Power and Ground

The other major mistake is not checking if there is enough power or ground. This can lead to issues impacting both quality and the longevity of your car sound systems.

It is very essential to ensure that enough amperage reaches the sound system for it to function properly. If you neglect to address this it may lead to subpar quality and potential electrical complications. The issues can range from minor inconveniences to significant problems that could significantly reduce the lifespan of your audio system.

Mistakes to Avoid After Car Audio Installation:

Do not assume that once you have installed your car audio system, everything is complete. If you wish to have the best performance and also enjoy your new audio system for many years, there are still a few important points worth mentioning.

So let’s talk about some mistakes that one might overlook especially after installing a car audio system, which can actually reduce the performance and life span of your sound system.

Mistake #11: Not Testing Your Audio System 

After installation of the car audio system, it is very important to test all the functions and accessories as well as the components for proper functionality.

A tip is to perform this testing before you fully lock all the panels back into their respective positions. This will ensure that any issues are easily fixable without starting from the scratch.

Mistake #12: Incorrect Audio Settings and Adjustments

If you want the great quality sound from your car audio system, then proper tuning is very necessary. However, numerous car enthusiasts who attempt to install a system in their cars do not know how to properly configure the radio or they do the configurations wrongly.

Despite the correct installation of your car audio system, if no proper tuning is performed – you may either get poor sound results or not be able to fully utilize all of the potentials provided by the new car radio.

Spend some time to try the settings for your car audio system, read and learn how you can make proper adjustments. From the equalizer settings to balance, fade and other different aspects of sound quality, each setting can have a big impact on the quality of your sound as a whole.

In case you are not sure how to set the perfect tuning through your audio system, our team of experts can definitely help.

Mistake #13: Neglecting Maintenance

Many car owners consider a car audio installation to be something that one does and then forgets about. However, this is not true and your car stereo system requires regular maintenance.

Do not forget to include regular cleaning and also maintenance of your audio system in the car care routine. It will ensure that the condition of your car audio system remains good, so it works well and lasts longer.

Mistake #14: Abusing Volume and Overplaying the System

As soon as you get your new car radio, there is the temptation to listen at very high volumes especially when your favorite song begins playing.

But here’s a friendly reminder: do not overload your audio system. Ensure that you are aware of the limitations your audio system has and do not go beyond these given limits.

Regularly turning up high volumes and overplaying a car radio all the time, can affect its performance and lifespan significantly. 

Therefore, provided that you are careful and stay within the recommended volume parameters, this will ensure a long-term high quality audio experience. Your audio system (and your ears) will thank you.

Mistake #15: Ignoring Potential Issues

The last and final mistake: paying no attention to the warning signs that could indicate any problems with the audio system installation.

Do not overlook the possible problems such as sound distortions. Such signs are usually indicative of the underlying installation issues and failure to address them may result in long-term consequences.

Do not assume that they will resolve themselves or disappear over time.

Rather, be proactive in your approach to troubleshooting and solve any issues as soon as possible. This will protect you from more serious troubles in the future and allow keeping the quality and performance of your car audio system.

Pro Tip: Seek Professional Help (When In Doubt)

If ever in doubt about the installation of car audio on your own, then consult a qualified car audio technician for assistance. Going for a professional car audio installation service is the right decision if you are confused about any step or do not possess the necessary set of skills and tools.

Our Santa Clarita Autosound team is only a phone call away, ready to provide the assistance you may require. Call us now to have your car audio properly installed.

As a reminder, it is generally better to leave the work in the hands of capable car audio pros to do everything right from start till finish. So, it’s better to seek professional help from the beginning, rather than attempting to do a part of the car audio installation process and then show up at the car audio shop expecting them to complete the rest.

But you need to be careful with who you turn to as the same exact car audio installation can be done by two different shops and have completely different outcomes. 

At one shop, for example, the installation can be done improperly or not completely. In this case, your radio can be missing some of its features, amplifiers can underperform because of using cheap quality wires, speakers might not sound good because they’re not optimally positioned, wires can get crossed and shorted and sound bad and have issues at the end. 

With Santa Clarita Autosound, your car radio will work properly and you will get most out of the features you desire. We use the best quality wires in our industry so the amplifiers will perform to their specification, speakers will sound their best because of the optimal positioning. We properly test all the wires and connections to give the best sound quality possible.


After all, it is not an easy task to install the car audio by yourself if you are a complete beginner. There are many potential errors that can occur in the different stages of the process. From not knowing your car specs, to incorrect wiring and also forgetting to fine-tune the radio in the vehicle. Those mistakes are not only about a good sound, but also about maintaining your car audio system longevity to function for years to come.

We hope this article will give practical and informative information on the problems that you can face during the pre-installation stage, installation process itself as well as post-installation as well as the ways to prevent them. 

So, if you are ever going to install the car audio system yourself just remember not to do these common mistakes during the installation.

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