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There is two major types of car alarms, 1-way and 2-way systems




1-way is the more traditional car alarm system, giving a signal to the car to arm and disarm.

The 2-way car alarm systems take this feature to another level where the alarm sends a signal back to the remote to confirm commands like arm and disarm, also the system will notify you if the alarm has been activated.

The latest greatest and most innovative Car Alarm System is Compustar System were you can use your SmartPhone (iPhone and Android) as a remote to control your vehicle.

Convenience is major part of these car alarm systems

The most popular features includes

keyless entry

trunk release

remote start

window rollup

Protect yourinvestment with a

Convenience is the best part of these car alarm systems. Keyless entry makes entering a car a cinch. Trunk release gives a helping hand to loading everyday goods like groceries. If its a hot day the remote start will help cool your car down as well a heat it up on a cold day and the window rollup will ensure that your windows are closed once you have locked your car.

car alarm systems

These systems are very good at deterring thieves

Car Alarm Systems have intricate sensors and features to protect your car against a thief. For example, a shock sensor triggers the alarm when there is an impact on the car, the door triggers activate the alarm if one of the doors open, glass break sensor or audio sensor activates the alarm when a thief breaks a window, tilt sensor triggers the alarm when the car is tilted (if a thief tries to steal the rimes off the car with jack or if the car is towed), motion sensor protects against movement near and inside the car and a ignition kill projects against a thief trying to hotwire a car. These systems will ensure your car stays yours.

A car is stolen every 33 seconds and Los Angeles County has the most car thefts compared to any other county.

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