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In Dash Car GPS Navigation is one of the best additions to the car that you can avail right now. As the starting price of the car GPS Navigation System is $199, which means anyone can afford it without braking the bank. Whether you need the GPS to get you to an unfamiliar area or just helping you remember your route it is always dependable and ready every time you want to use it.Most of all the In Dash car GPS Navigation systems are more than just a GPS, they are all in one multimedia. With features such as DVD / MP3 player which allows you to watch your favorite movies and listen to your favorite music right in your car. With iPhone, iPod and android’s popularity In Dash GPS systems now can easily access your phones info from the unit, & you will be able to watch videos and movies that are stored on your iPhone, iPod or android phones, it even let’s you access Youtube. You will also find that most of such type units will expand socket from USB or SD card, to store pictures, music and videos right from your computer to a flash drive and then you can connect the unit with the help of the SD card or flash drive.In Dash car GPS Navigation System can help you get to your destination smoothly with turn by turn guidance. Some of these units also have a real time traffic updates. You will never be caught in traffic again the Real time traffic feature will notify you of any traffic in a specific area and give an alternative driving routes to reach your destination quickly. Some of the units will help you search for the cheapest local gas station and also it will navigate you to that specific gas station.

Another great feature that almost all in dash navigation systems come with is Bluetooth integration for hands free calling. Bluetooth lets you download your phonebook directly to the radio and hence will be easy for you to make outgoing calls directly through your touch screen. All the car GPS Navigation brands like JVC, Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer, Alpine and more are available on our website or in store. Choose the one that fulfills all your needs and requirements and as well as fit your budget too.

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