What is a Midrange Speaker in Car Audio and What it Does?

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What is a Midrange Speaker in Car Audio and What it Does?

What is a Midrange Speaker in Car Audio

If you’re trying to improve your car audio, you might have heard about “midrange speakers.” But what exactly is a midrange speaker in car audio and how does it affect your in-car listening experience? Let’s find out.

It’s no secret that good sound quality makes every time you drive more enjoyable. Imagine hearing your favorite song exactly as the artist intended, with crisp vocals and instruments that come alive. That’s where midrange speakers come in.

A big part of getting that great studio-like sound in your car involves having good midrange speakers.

Midrange speakers play a key role in achieving a balanced audio reproduction in your vehicle’s audio system. They reproduce frequencies in the midrange, from vocals to many instrument sounds. Integrating midrange speakers in your vehicle will help maintain a well-balanced sound profile. This ensures that all the elements of the music are accurately represented.

So, if you want to boost your car audio and have a more enjoyable experience on the road, let’s take a closer look at what midrange speakers are and what they can do for you.

What are Midrange Speakers?

Midrange speakers, as the name suggests, capture the mid-frequency element of your vehicle’s audio. This includes vocals and many instruments. They handle these middle frequencies effectively and contribute to a well-balanced audio experience.  

To put it simply, midrange speakers hit the sweet spot for your ears–the frequency range where human hearing is the most sensitive. They handle the frequencies your ears pick up best, like vocals, guitars, and most instruments. 

Most car audio midrange speakers play between 500 Hertz to 5000 Hertz. Some high-quality midrange speakers can play below 500 Hertz and above 5000 Hertz. 

Midrange speakers are meant to play the mid frequencies. In comparison, the woofers and subwoofers play bass 500 Hertz and below. Woofers handle deep bass tones and provide a thumping foundation for your music.  On the other hand, there are tweeter speakers, which reproduce high-pitched details. The tweeters play treble at high frequencies of 5000 Hertz and above. 

When talking about midrange speakers, it’s important to consider their size and placement as it can play a big role in achieving optimal sound quality. Midrange speakers usually come in cone type and less commonly in dome type. Midrange speaker sizes are usually around 2.5 to 4 inches. 

In terms of location, midrange speakers are installed in the Vehicle’s door panels, dashboard, or rear deck. The mount is higher in the vehicle around the door panel or A-pillar. For optimal sound, it should be mounted next to the tweeter. 

The Role of Midrange Speakers in Car Audio: What Midrange Speakers Do?

Midrange speakers are particularly important in car audio and have a huge impact on your vehicle’s sound system. Your car’s sound system might boast having great bass and crisp high sound, but the real key to great sound lies in the midrange.

That’s because midrange speakers cover mid-range frequencies, which our ears are most sensitive to. This includes vocals, guitars, drums, and the majority of other music instruments. So even slight distortions or imbalances in sound at this frequency are easily hearable. This can negatively affect the clarity and overall quality of the sound. 

Midrange speakers work with a diaphragm. This diaphragm vibrates when an electrical signal is applied. Thus, this vibration creates sound waves that match midrange frequencies. This is why midrange speakers handle these frequencies well and accurately. 

To get complete audio sound, it’s best to combine midrange speakers with woofers (for bass) and tweeters (for highs). Midrange speakers fill the sound gap between tweeters and subwoofers in your car or truck’s audio system. They add to the subwoofer’s low and tweeter’s high frequencies in between sounds. They provided detail and clarity to your music. Midrange speakers enhance the depth and richness of your audio, enhancing your overall sound quality. 

This is a key component in upgrading the sound system in your car and creates a more balanced listening experience.

Why are Midrange Speakers Important for Sound Quality?

Having midrange speakers in your car will improve the overall sound quality of your car’s audio system. Several benefits can contribute to your listening experience, such as:

  • Enhanced Clarity
    Midrange speakers specialize in reproducing mid-frequency instruments. This allows your audio to be clear and make it more distinct. It becomes easier to distinguish the individual elements in your music.
  • Realistic Sound Reproduction
    Midrange speakers reproduce natural sounds, such as human voices and different instruments. This contributes to creating an authentic audio experience in your vehicle.
  • Balanced Sound and Detail
    These speakers help maintain a balanced sound in your car. They provide an immersive sound experience. Midrange speakers give detail to your sound quality. If your midrange speaker quality isn’t good, you will miss key musical elements in your music.
  • Improved Vocal Quality and Immersion
    Midrange speakers provide a more immersive audio experience. Many musical genres have vocals as their central component. Midrange speakers improve vocal clarity and ensure that your music is fully represented. This will make you more connected to your music.

These benefits overall elevate your sound quality. It results in clarity, realistic sound reproduction, strong vocal representation, and very well-balanced audio. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Midrange Speakers for Your Car

Choosing the right midrange speakers can be a challenge. Here are some factors to consider when you are looking for midrange speakers:

  • Power Handling
    It’s important to match the power requirements to prevent any damage to your speakers. Check the power handling capacity of your midrange speakers. You need this to make sure they handle the output from your amplifier.
  • Size and Compatibility
    You need to consider your car’s space available for your speaker installation. Make sure you choose midrange speakers that will fit seamlessly in the designated locations. Such locations are the door panels or the dashboard.
  • Frequency Response and Sensitivity
    Check out the frequency response and sensitivity of the midrange speakers. A wide range of frequency will create a more realistic and detailed sound reproduction. Also consider the sensitivity of your midrange speakers to ensure they can produce sufficient volume. The higher the sensitivity, the better the performance would be.
  • Midrange Speakers Brand and Your Budget
    Go for the brands that are well-known and offer good quality of the audio components, such as Hertz or Audison. Read customer reviews and get a consultation with car audio experts. Consider your budget and look for an option which combines good quality and affordability.
  • Compatibility with Your Other Speakers
    Make sure that the midrange speakers complement the features of your other speakers in your car audio system. These could be subwoofers and tweeters. These will help you achieve a well-balanced sound overall.

By carefully considering these factors, the midrange speakers that you select will meet your requirements and enhance the sound quality of your car. No doubt, you will have a more enjoyable in-car listening experience. 

Choosing the Right Midrange Speakers: 4 Best Midrange Speakers

Many factory-installed car speakers compromise on midrange quality. Upgrading to dedicated midrange speakers can significantly improve the clarity and detail of your music.

At Santa Clarita Auto Sound, we carry a variety of options for midrange speakers to suit different needs and budgets. We also have a nationwide delivery. 

Have a look at our midrange speaker options from Santa Clarita Auto Sound Shop:

Hertz Mille ML 700

The Hertz ML 700 is a midrange car speaker for audio systems with exceptional sound and wide frequency response. It’s built with special materials and construction that allows it to reproduce sound with great accuracy and detail. Hertz ML 700 can be used in high-performance 2-way or 3-way speaker systems. Overall, the Hertz ML 700.3 is a good option for midrange speakers. It’s ideal for those seeking exceptional audio clarity and detail in their car audio system.

Audison Prima AP4

When it comes to the Audison Prima AP4, this midrange car speaker is known for its extended frequencies in both high and low ends. It has a special cone design and copper voice coil, which results in clear and balanced mid-high frequencies. Unlike some midrange speakers, it doesn’t require passive crossover to maximize efficiency and has reduced mounting depth for easier installation. It also has a water-repellent paper cone for durability. Generally, the Audison Prima AP4 is a very solid option for many car audio systems, providing great value for its price.

Hertz MP 70.3 PRO 

The next in line is Hertz MP 70.3. This midrange car speaker is designed for exceptional sound quality and clarity. With unique features like dual Neodymium magnets and a V-cone design, it delivers strong dynamics and wide mid-range frequencies. 

The MP 70.3 can be easily combined with other Hertz speakers as well. For example, consider the MP 165P.3 woofer and MP25.3 tweeter for a complete car sound system upgrade and well-balanced sound. Overall, the Hertz MP 70.3 PRO can be used in a variety of car audio setups and is a good choice for car audio systems that need a strong midrange presence.

Audison AP 2 MV

Another option for midrange speakers is Audison AP 2 MV. It’s a wide-range car speaker that reproduces mid and high frequencies. Given its design, it can deliver clear and natural-sounding vocals and sounds. 

If you’re looking to replace your speakers in GM, Ford, and Toyota cars, this Audison AP 2 MV midrange speaker is your go-to choice. It has a small size and excellent sound quality. This makes it a versatile option for different applications in a car audio system. You use Audison AP2 MV as a midrange speaker in 3-way systems, as a surround speaker, or even a center channel speaker in OEM placements with limited space. Sounds like a solid choice for a midrange speaker that can do it all, right?


In conclusion, we hope you now have a better understanding of what midrange speakers are and what they do. As well as how they can help you improve the overall sound quality of your car’s audio system. 

As a recap, midrange speakers handle the middle spot of sounds that’s usually within our human hearing range. This includes sounds like vocals, drums, guitars and many other instruments. It’s important to have high-quality midrange speakers in you car audio to enjoy audio clarity, more realistic sound, and better vocals.

Now, if you’re thinking of buying midrange speakers, there are a few factors to look at. You need to consider things like the size of midrange speakers, making sure it fits your car, and is compatible with other speakers. There’re also technical aspects to keep in mind too, such as frequency, sensitivity, and power handling. Lastly, don’t forget to consider the brand and your budget for midrange speakers.

If you need any assistance, we at Santa Clarita Auto Sound are here to help you out and help you pick the best midrange speakers. 

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