IGLA Anti-Theft System Installation Near Me in California

Looking to install the best IGLA anti-theft system in Southern California? Then you’re at the right place. We install the IGLA security system on your vehicle hassle-free and quickly, protecting your ride against key cloning, key theft, and carjacking.

At Santa Clarita Auto Sound, we offer the best kind of alarm and anti-theft security for your vehicle. We specialize in installing anti-theft device systems compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Let our professional installers help you protect your car with an IGLA anti-theft system installation.

Drop by and see what we offer or book a free consultation with our sales representatives. Let’s get your vehicle the best anti-theft security system in Santa Clarita.

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Areas We Provide IGLA Installation

We offer our IGLA system installation services across Southern California. We’re conveniently located in Santa Clarita, making it easy for customers from these counties to reach us:
Los Angeles County
Kern County
Orange County
Ventura County
Riverside County
Imperial County
San Diego County
San Luis Obispo
San Bernardino County
Santa Barbara County
No matter where you are in Southern California, we’re just a short ride away from providing you with IGLA anti-theft system installation service. Stop by our place or contact us today to schedule your visit!

Why Install the IGLA Anti-Theft System?

Installing the IGLA anti-theft system is one of the best ways to secure your vehicle and protect it from theft attempts. Benefit from IGLA’s advanced and reliable anti-theft system for effective car protection.

Our team at Santa Clarita Auto Sound has over 13 years of expertise and can help you get your vehicle the most secure anti-theft system & smooth installation.

Here’s what you will get with our anti-theft installation services:


IGLA’s security system is designed to protect your vehicle against carjacking and theft. With the most high-tech software system, it blocks your car’s engine from starting, reprogramming the vehicle’s keys, and automatic transmission shifting. If you get carjacked, it blocks the engine at a safe speed.


IGLA provides your car with additional features designed for your comfort, such as automatic closing of the sunroof and windows, folding of mirrors, automatic blocking of the central lock as you drive, and disabling the Start-Stop system. You also get control of your vehicle’s hood locks, remote engine blocking, and interact with the GSM module.

Expert installation

Looking for IGLA anti-theft installers near me? Let our professional installers guide you through the entire process, from helping you install the anti-theft system to setting it for you to your preferred settings.

When you install the IGLA system, you benefit from:

  • Small size for easy installation and inability to locate it 
  • Undetectability against various car theft methods
  • Silent operation using the on-board CAN data network 
  • Absence of LED indicators for additional undetectability 
  • No subscriptions or additional costs
  • Engine & automatic transmission blocking without disrupting any electrical circuits
  • No circuit cuts to allow thieves to detect it with diagnostic tools
  • Authorization through your smartphone, a Bluetooth keyfob, or standard buttons
  • Anti-carjacking mode that turns off the engine safely
  • Support for CAN Dialog technology to connect optional security and information modules 
  • Option to temporarily disable security features while your vehicle is under maintenance

How Does the IGLA Anti-Theft System Work?

  • With IGLA you create a unique PIN code with the buttons built into your vehicle, such as the ones on your steering wheel, center console, or other systems. 
  • This custom PIN code must be entered to disable the system before your vehicle starts. 
  • In case you forget this PIN code, you wish to sell your vehicle, or a button is broken, a secure emergency PIN code, unique to your device can be used to reset the system. 
  • There is a mobile app that connects to your vehicle and allows you to start the car without entering your PIN code. A single, authorized, fully encrypted connection between the IGLA system and your phone.
Visit us today or contact us to get expert consultation for your IGLA system installation.

Why Choose Santa Clarita Auto Sound for IGLA System Installation?

Since 2010, we’ve been Santa Clarita’s most trusted source for all vehicle anti-theft security system installations. Our experts have smoothly installed all kinds of security systems, ensuring your vehicle is secure and safe.

When you choose Santa Clarita Auto Sound, you benefit from:

13+ Years of Proven Expertise

We're Santa Clarita's number one dedicated and trusted professionals for anti-theft system installations. We make sure your vehicle is safe and secure. Choose us and be sure that your security system is installed correctly and you’re safe from key theft and carjacking.

Compatibility with Your Vehicle

IGLA anti-theft security system is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including Kia, Dodge, Toyota, Ford, Jeep, Mercedes, Hyundai, Land Rover, Audi, BMW, Range Rover, Jaguar, and many others.

Tailored Services for Your Vehicle

We make sure the IGLA system is installed hassle-free and smoothly. We walk you through the entire process and ensure the system fully works on your vehicle.

Same-Day Installation

If you want to install the IGLA system quickly, reach out to us. We can install the IGLA security system for your car on the same day if you visit us before 2:00 pm.

Customer-Centric Approach

We work closely with you to understand exactly what you need and make sure the end result satisfies you. Your vehicle’s security and safety matters to us.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our products and services guarantee to bring you only the best anti-theft security system installation. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our installations, so you can have peace of mind.

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IGLA Installation Near Me in Southern California

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