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8 Reasons Why You Need A Car Security System

It the digital era, having a car security system installed in your vehicle is a no-brainer. If you
don’t think car security is crucial, then think again. It is estimated that a vehicle is stolen every
44 seconds in the US.

These stats might come as a rude shock to you since most vehicles come already fitted with a
manufacturer-installed alarm system. Well, the pre-fitted car alarm often doesn’t come with the
top-notch features and sophisticated level of security required to keep your valuables and vehicle
secure. By having a top-grade car security system installed by a reputable professional, you’re
putting your best foot forward to safeguard your property. After all, you shelled out top dollar to
buy it.
Why Get A Car Security System Installed?

A good car shop should be able to provide turnkey car security system installation solution. From
basic ones that offer peace of mind to sophisticated systems that leverage cutting-edge
technology, today’s car security systems offer plenty of benefits.
(1) Enjoy Peace of Mind

Put your mind to rest by installing state of the art car security system. It boasts the latest in
vehicle protection technologies that deter car break-ins as well as keep slim jimmers at bay. By
installing a modern car alarm, you are taking a precaution to ensure that your vehicle is theft-

Remember there are times when you need to leave your car at home. Perhaps it's summertime,
and you want to take your loved ones to a far place to kick back and relax. As such, the chances
are that you will be forced to leave your vehicle parked in the driveway for weeks or even a
month. The trouble is that holiday season is a haven for car thieves. Once they notice that you are
not home, they will try to steal your car. With that in mind, having top-notch car security
installed is the only way you can enjoy peace of mind while you are away.
(2) The Stakes Are Against You

Protecting your car from theft without a car security system installed is no walk in the park. For
one, the odds are simply stacked against you. In California, for instance, vehicle theft has
become a runaway issue. According to HuffPost, the rate of car theft in the state staggers at
around 550 per 100,000 people. In fact, someone you know could be a victim of car theft. Why
wait until it’s too late?
(3) Reduce Insurance Costs

Insurance companies know which type of vehicles are more susceptible to car theft. That’s why
some cars attract more insurance premiums than others. If that is the case, installing a
professional car security system can do wonders for your insurance bills. And you will recoup
the costs of the installation in the long term usually in the form of reduced insurance monthly
(4) Protect Your Investment

Buying a car is a substantial financial investment. It’s highly likely that you are still paying off
your car loan. So, why not protect your investment by installing the best car security? The last
thing you want is to pay for something that you no longer have.
(5) Keep an Eye on Your Teenagers

If you have a teen who is keen on taking a ride when you have made it clear otherwise, car
security will help you keep a tab on him or her. It’ll help you make sure that teens can only drive
when you have confidence in their driving skills.
(6) The Magic of a Tracking System

So, your car has been stolen – what’s next, right? Lucky for you, if you have car security in
place, you can have the security company track your vehicle and have the perpetrators
apprehended by the police. The good news is that most advanced car security systems come
fitted with tracking functionality. Even better, car thieves cannot locate where the tracker is
The tracker itself is outfitted with a transmitter that emits a beacon which can be monitored via a
tracking software. With GPS capability, it’ll take the police a few moments to locate your stolen
vehicle. This way, you can sleep easy knowing that your property can always be retrieved.

(7) Save Money

Right from the outset, having a car security system installed in a good investment. For starters, it
saves you lots of headaches from worrying about your car safety and those of your loved ones.

Moneywise, installing a car security system is the best decision you’ll ever make. The savings
you’ll get from paying lower insurance premiums, not to mention the cost of buying another
vehicle, make installing the system worthwhile.
(8) It’s Cost-Effective and Easy to Install

Installing a car security systems is easy. Just find a reputable local car shop, and it will be done
in a jiffy.

There you are – 8 critical reasons why need a car security system. The bottom line is that car
security makes both security and economic sense.

Check out our website to get your car security system installed.

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