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Vehicle vinyl wrap installation can completely or partially cover any part or parts on your vehicle’s interior and/or exterior. The vinyl sheets can later be removed with relative ease, drastically reducing the costs associated with changing back to original look. The looks from vinyl wraps can’t be achieved from regular paint jobs but only from vinyl such as matt and chrome finishes.

Conformable vinyl wrapping martial can be molded to almost any and every part of a vehicle with ease. The vinyl sheets feature bubble preventing air channels to remove trapped air and/or water. Small microscopic beads are used to prevent an adhesive from sticking until the technician is ready. The vinyl is heated with a heat gun for the purpose of molding the vinyl around the shapes of the parts.

Vinyl vehicle wrapping is used instead of paint as a less permanent and more cost effective way to change the appearance of your vehicle. It is more popular to cover up some parts of your car that the paint is fading away from the sun and giving it a new modern stylish look like roof wraps. Custom vehicle and race cars often get vehicle wrap because they are lighter than standard paint jobs. Give us a call to get your vehicle wrapped today.

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