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10 Fun Things About Marine Audios You Want To Know

When you take your boat out for a day on the sizzling waters, there’s a ton you can enjoy, from
the beautiful breeze to amazing swells and everything in-between. But, there’s nothing that gets
the spirit going quite like listening to your favorite music or radio station out on your sleek
machine’s marine audios in the open air.

That’s why installing marine stereo is the best decision you’ll ever make when it comes to
upgrading your boat. But, did you know these ten fun things about marine audio systems? We
thought you should know!
(1) Marine Stereo Speakers and Receivers are Waterproof

For a gadget that’ll deliver great music out in the sea, it’s a no-brainer that a marine audio system
should be waterproof. And, yes, they are designed to hold off water and moisture for many years.
Remember marine speakers aren’t just built to withstand punishing temperatures, wobbles, and
whatnot, they are also designed to power through and endure lots of abuse from rains, storms,
and drenching splashes.
Whether it’s tied up at your favorite marina in Santa Clarita, California, or revving out in the
open waters, the marine audio system should stand up to all these elements.
(2) They Can Mask the Sound of a Roaring Engine

Marine audio systems are truly the work of ingenuity and sheer engineering. If you can upgrade
your boat with a top-notch system, you can expect your marine stereo to pump out crisp, clear
sound that can not only be heard, but also enjoyed over the growl of the engine, cries of seagulls,
and all other noises that make the sea/lakes a bust of life.
(3) Marine Audios can Enhance your Boating Environment

When you’re out on the waters to kick back and bob along with your angler, get raucous in the
Santa Clarita area or party, a high-quality marine stereo is poised to set the mood right. It’s what
you need to enjoy every minute out there.
(4) Marine Audios can be Installed or Mounted Anywhere

You read that right. A quality, well-built, waterproof marine audio system can be mounted on
your boat, overboard or have it installed in the cabin. Either way, you can rest assured that you’ll
enjoy seamless music and listening experience.
And that isn’t all; a great marine audio system can be attached to the stern, helm, side and even
the bow.
(5) They Offer Bluetooth, USB, and Smartphone Capabilities

Marine audios offer multimedia connectivity at its finest. They don’t just tie you to the radio —
you’ve plenty of other entertainment options. You can stream music directly from your
smartphone via Bluetooth. If you’re old-school, these nifty upgrades also support USB with a
waterproof cavity. All you have to do is create a sweet music playlist on your computer and take
the fun out on the waters.
(6) They Are Not just for Boats

If you can find a reputable shop in Santa Clarita, CA, you can take the allure of marine audios to
your motorbike, ATVs, RV, golf cart, 5th wheels, motorhomes, off-road SUVs, and sand rails,
just to name a few. Any place you need crisp, quality sound with more protection against
elements and more oomph, marine audio will deliver big time!
(7) Marine Audios have Anti-Corrosion Features

Marine audio systems can take a brunt of a beating from corrosive seawater. As such, all high-
quality marine stereos are equipped with top-notch features that resist and help fight off the rust,
which can come in handy if you love boating in the open ocean. The anti-corrosion allure of
marine audios lies behind the state of the art coats applied to circuit boards and plated wiring
cables. To top it off, they come with corrosion-resistant chassis to maintain the integrity of the
entire sound system as well.
(8) Marine Audios are Easy to Install and Pocket-friendly Upgrades

If you are looking to pimp out your boat and spruce up its sound experience, a top-shelf marine
audio system is a fabulous way to do it. The best thing is that you don’t have to gut the whole
stereo system to upgrade your audios. Even better, these snazzy speakers and receivers are quite
No matter how you look at it, the new marine audio system will offer you the best value for your
top dollar.
(9) They Come in an Assortment of Styles and Sizes

Whether you have a small or big, a typical or high-performance boat, there is certainly a marine
audio system for you. The thing is, larger boats provide you with chances to create a fabulous
audiophile-quality marine stereo system that can be controlled from several different
strategically-placed remotes.
(10) Some Marine Audios Float!

That’s right; some portable or attached marine audios have built-in buoyancy features. This way,
you can enjoy peace of mind knowing the marine audio will float if it gets detached.

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