New Audio System in Silverado Crew Cab – You Won’t Believe the Difference!

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New Audio System in Silverado Crew Cab – You Won’t Believe the Difference!

subwoofer for silverado crew cab

Music is an essential part of the driving experience. An excellent audio system can transform your Silverado Crew Cab from being just another means of transportation into a mobile concert hall. At the heart of that system is the subwoofer – the component responsible for bringing depth and power to your music by accurately reproducing low-frequency sounds. In this guide, we’ll explore various options for upgrading your Silverado crew cab with the perfect subwoofer, focusing on key factors like performance, price, and features. We’ll also unpack into the crucial role of the subwoofer box in achieving optimal audio quality.

Understanding the Silverado Crew Cab’s Acoustic Environment:

Before we jump into product recommendations, let’s talk about the unique acoustic environment of the Silverado Crew Cab. This spacious vehicle offers a lot of room for sound to travel but also has challenges due to its size. A properly selected and installed subwoofer will use this space, providing you with that rich, immersive sound experience you want.

Selecting the Right Subwoofer:

When choosing a subwoofer for your Silverado crew cab, you want to consider the following:

  1. Size – The subwoofer size will influence the type of bass produced. Larger subwoofers generally provide deeper bass but require more space.
  2. Power Handling – This refers to how much power the subwoofer can handle from the amplifier. Matching the subwoofer’s power handling to your amp’s output is key.
  3. Sensitivity – A subwoofer with higher sensitivity requires less power to produce the same amount of sound as one with lower sensitivity.
  4. Impedance – The impedance of the subwoofer should match the output impedance of your amplifier for efficient power handling.

The Best Subwoofers for Silverado Crew Cab:

Through extensive testing and customer feedback, we’ve found several subwoofers that stand out for the Silverado Crew Cab. Here’s a rundown of some top picks:

  1. Kicker ComRT Series – These subwoofers are known for their outstanding performance and durability. They come in various sizes, but for the Silverado crew cab, the 10-inch or 12-inch models strike an excellent balance between size and performance.
  2. Kicker L7T Series – If you’re looking for a subwoofer that hits hard and can handle a lot of power, the Kicker L7T is a fantastic choice. Its innovative design ensures deep bass and excellent sound quality.
  3. Hertz Mille PRO Shallow Series – The Hertz Mille PRO Shallow subwoofers are well-regarded for their excellent sound quality and power handling. They’re also relatively compact, making them a great option if you’re concerned about conserving space.
  4. Pioneer Z Shallow Series – Pioneer Z series subwoofers offer high sensitivity and impressive power handling, ensuring you get powerful bass even from lower-powered amplifiers.

Price vs. Performance:

Your budget will significantly influence your choice of subwoofer. While high-end subwoofers like those from Hertz Mille PRO top-notch performance, there are also more affordable options that still provide outstanding sound quality, such as the Kicker L7T series. Remember, the best subwoofer is not always the most expensive; it’s the one that meets your specific needs and integrates well with your vehicle and existing audio system.

Features to Consider:

Some subwoofers have added features like built-in amplifiers (active subwoofers) or unique cooling mechanisms to extend lifespan. Decide which features are important to you.

The Importance of the Subwoofer Box:

A subwoofer is only as good as the box it’s installed in. The right subwoofer box will affect the sound quality, bass response, and overall performance of your subwoofer. Silverado crew cab subwoofer boxes are designed to fit your vehicle precisely, ensuring that the subwoofer performs optimally and blends seamlessly with your interior. Their boxes come in sealed and ported designs, with sealed boxes providing tight, accurate bass and ported boxes offering louder, more resonant bass.

Custom Solutions:

At Santa Clarita Autosound, we understand that every Silverado owner’s needs are unique. We offer custom subwoofer box designs tailored to your vehicle and sound preferences. Our expertise allows us to create the perfect acoustic environment within your Silverado crew cab.

Installation Matters:

A great subwoofer deserves a professional installation. Proper mounting, wiring, and tuning are critical to getting the best performance out of your audio equipment. Our team at Santa Clarita Autosound has the expertise to ensure your subwoofer is installed correctly, avoiding common mistakes that can lead to suboptimal sound or even damage to your vehicle’s electrical system.

Matching the Subwoofer with the Amplifier:

When it comes to creating the perfect sound system in your Silverado Crew Cab, the harmony between the subwoofer and the amplifier is crucial. The goal is to match the subwoofer’s power handling capabilities and impedance with the output of the amplifier. For instance, if you have a subwoofer rated at 300 watts RMS (root mean square) and 4 ohms, you’ll want an amplifier to deliver 300 watts RMS at 4 ohms.

Setting the amplifier gains correctly is also a key step to optimal performance. The gain control isn’t a volume knob but rather a level match with your source unit. To set it, you’ll need to turn down the gain on the amp, play a test tone at 75% volume, and turn up the gain until you hear distortion. Then, back it off until the sound is clear again. This process ensures your subwoofer plays clean, undistorted bass.

Tuning the Subwoofer:

Tuning your subwoofer involves adjusting the crossover frequency to determine which frequencies your subwoofer will handle. A good starting point is around 80 Hz, but you can adjust this based on your personal preference and the other speakers in your system. The level adjustment, often called ‘bass boost,’ allows you to match the subwoofer’s output to the rest of your system for a balanced sound.

The enclosure you choose for your subwoofer can also significantly affect performance. Sealed enclosures provide tight, accurate bass, while ported enclosures produce more volume. The type of music you enjoy can help you decide which is best for you.

Troubleshooting Subwoofer Problems:

Even with the best equipment, issues can arise. Common problems include no sound, distortion, and unexpected “popping” or “banging” noises. These can often be attributed to loose connections, incorrect settings, or a mismatch between the subwoofer and the amplifier. To avoid damage, ensure all connections are secure, settings are correct, and the subwoofer and amplifier are compatible.

Protect your subwoofer by avoiding excessive volume levels and ensuring it is installed in a sturdy, well-ventilated location. Heat and physical damage from cargo in your vehicle are common culprits for subwoofer problems.

Tips for Getting the Best Sound Quality from Your Subwoofer:

The placement of your subwoofer in your vehicle can drastically affect sound quality. Ideally, the subwoofer should be placed where it can deliver clear, evenly distributed bass throughout the cabin. Experiment with different locations to find the sweet spot.

Adjusting the equalization settings on your head unit can also refine your subwoofer’s performance. Avoid extreme boosts or cuts, as these can lead to distortion. Instead, aim for subtle adjustments that complement the overall sound of your system.

Different Types of Subwoofers and Enclosure Designs:

Subwoofer technology offers different options to fit various preferences and installation constraints:

  • Shallow-mount subwoofers are ideal for spaces with limited depth, offering quality bass where traditional subwoofers won’t fit.
  • Free-air subwoofers can be mounted to a board attached to the rear deck or in the trunk against the rear seat, utilizing the trunk space as an enclosure.
  • Bandpass subwoofers are enclosed in dual-chambered boxes to emit a specific range of frequencies with great efficiency.

When it comes to enclosures:

  • Sealed enclosures offer precise, tight bass and require less space.
  • Ported enclosures are larger but provide more volume and efficiency at lower frequencies.
  • Infinite baffle enclosures use the vehicle’s trunk as the enclosure, separating the sound waves from the back and front of the subwoofer.

The subwoofer, its enclosure, and the amplifier are a symphony in motion when well-tuned. Your Silverado Crew Cab can transform into a bastion of bass and acoustic excellence with the right equipment and setup.


Selecting the best subwoofer for your Silverado Crew Cab requires careful consideration of your vehicle’s characteristics, your personal preferences, and the technical specs of the subwoofer itself. Whether you prioritize earth-shaking power, nuanced sound quality, or a balance of both, there’s a subwoofer that’s right for you.

At Santa Clarita Autosound, we are committed to helping you find that perfect match. We invite you to visit us at our store located at 25845 Railroad Ave. Unit 10, Santa Clarita, CA 91350, where you can explore a wide range of options, get professional advice, and ensure your subwoofer is installed with precision. Our doors are open from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. If you prefer to browse our selection online, visit our E-commerce website and discover the best subwoofer solutions for your Silverado crew cab.

For inquiries or to schedule an installation appointment, call us at 661-286-1100. Let us enhance your driving experience with the deep, dynamic bass that you deserve. Your Silverado Crew Cab is not just a vehicle; it’s a statement. Make yours with the perfect audio upgrade at Santa Clarita Autosound – where great sound is just the beginning!

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