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15 Cool RV Upgrades

There’s nothing that lets you hit the road quite like a well-engineered and built RV. It’s comfy,
self-contained, and has a charming allure to it. Of course, when you first set your eyes on your
brand new RV, you’ll be wowed by its bells and whistles.
As you continue enjoying all the goodies that come with your RV, the chances are that you’ll
notice that a few upgrades here and there might come in handy. Whether you are looking for
more functionality, durability or elegance, the following RV upgrades are all the rage right now.
Best of all, these upgrades will help you get more out of your RV. After all, you spend top dollar
to own it.

1. Battery Upgrade

If you’re a road-warrior, the battery that came with your RV will not cut it. Perhaps you spend
long hours traveling cross country and taking in the beauty of this wonderful nation. You see,
most RVs come pre-installed with a single 12V deep-cycle battery which can deliver energy
that’ll last you only a couple of days.
Want to up the ante? If yes, a battery upgrade is what the doctor prescribed. It often involves
installation of extra batteries so you can get more juice in-between charges.
2. Inverter

If you are into dry-camping or boondocking, installing an inverter is indispensable for a hassle-
free experience. This nifty upgrade will help convert the 12V power delivered by the battery
under the hood to 120V AC power that can power most of your in-studio items like travel
charger, TV, microwave, hairdryer, and other small gadgets.
3. LED Lighting

Why LED lighting? It saves you heaps of power — it’s that simple, but can become a huge
lifesaver when you’re dry-camping. It’s crucial that you fit out your external RV marker lamps
and internal lighting fixtures with top-notch LED bulbs. Even better, ensure that they are
installed by a pro from your favorite car shop in Santa Clarita, California. What’s more – LED
lighting can do wonders for your RV when you’re powering through foggy areas.
4. Solar System Upgrade

If you don’t have a solar system installed on the roof of your RV, you’re simply losing out on an
opportunity to tap raw solar energy. After all, you’ll be roaring through areas with year-round
sunlight. Today’s solar panels are more powerful, long-lasting, and will not hurt your bank
5. Storage Bay Locks

Get this: if you have storage bay key with a mark CH751, the sad news is that any other RV
owner can open it. That’s unacceptable. Luckily, you can swap this universal lock for a custom
one that’ll ensure that your valuables are safe and intact at all times.
6. Floor Upgrades

The floor that came with your RV might seem dashing, but does it look its best? Flooring
upgrades can help you add your own style, elegance, and more functionality to the interiors of
the RV.
7. Fabulous Vent Fan

I don’t know about you, but I love how vent fans give RVs that classic, road-worthy look and
feel. Besides, installing this fantastic feature will help keep the rig nice, cool, and comfy on those
scorching-hot trips as well as expel smoke, excess steam, and odors. During wintry days, the fan
can also let out excess moisture.
8. Fishing Pole Holders

If you’re like most RV owners, the chance is that you are an angler too. And, if you’re tired of
trying to fit your pole inside the rig, this upgrade will come as a huge relief. It makes use of amount so it doesn’t comprise the built of your RV.
9. Roof Sealing

It’s no big secret leaking roofs can cause insurmountable damage to your RV, and cost you
thousands of dollars in repairs. Besides, it can pose a threat to your health and sanitation too.
10. Hardwired Surge Protector

An excellent car shop in Santa Clarita, CA will start the upgrade by checking all the nooks and
crannies for damaged electrical cables and items. Once repaired, a professional will install a
hard-wired surge protector to monitor the incoming voltage when the rig is connected to a shore
power source.
11. Additional Waste Valve

Most RVs come with three onboard waste tanks, with a waste valve affixed to each to regulate
tank-emptying. Each gate has a cap which works fine, but it lets a little waste and water dribbles
through. Yuck, right? That’s why an extra waste valve will save you from all that mess.
12. Smart Thermostat

A digital thermostat will give you absolute control over the in-vehicle environment. This way,
you set the temp, humidity, and AC to your sweet spot.
13. Reverse Parking Camera

If reverse parking gives you the creeps, here’s a no-brainer upgrade for your RV. It makes
driving truly a one-person job.
14. Slide-Out Trash Can

A traditional trash can will leave a lot of mess when you’re traveling. A slide-out trash can;
however, takes the hassle out of that.
15. Stylish Shower and Towel Racks

Towel and shower racks are a must-have in your RV. They’ll come in especially useful for those
long trips.

Check out our website for your own RV upgrades.

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