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Why You Need a Backup Camera System

Having a backup camera system in your car has become indispensable. Just last year, the
NHTSA made a bold move and made it mandatory for all new car models to come fitted with
backup camera units by May 2018. With over 200 fatalities and 15,000 severe injuries caused by
reversing accidents, it’s not hard to see why. Tragically, most frequent victims of backup
accidents are kids five years old and younger.

While the new NHTSA rule will come to force soon, it, unfortunately, doesn’t cover old cars. So,
what happens if your ride doesn’t have a backup camera system? Lucky for you, it can be easily
installed as an aftermarket security enhancement for your vehicle by your local car shop in Santa
Clarita, California. You see, installing this handy gadget will not only spruce up the safety of
your vehicle but also goes a long way to make our roads a lot safer.
How Does it Work?

If you’re good at car DIYs, you can purchase and install it yourself. The bad news, however, is
that each car model is different, so you will have to figure out a number of things on your own,
including cable-routing, complicated connection, camera-mounting, and whatnot. No matter how
you look at it, installation of backup camera systems is better left to professionals.
The local pro will install a tiny camera on the license-plate holder or back bumper. At the same
time, a video recorder will be fixed as a replacement of the rear-view mirror. Eventually, the
whole setup is integrated into the multimedia receiver that already exists on your car.
Benefits of Installing a Backup Camera System

There are vast benefits of having a top-notch backup camera system installed in your vehicle,
from cost-savings to safety and everything in-between. But, here are the tops ones.
It Saves Lives

You may not have an extra set of eyes in the back of your head, but a backup camera system can
offer you with unparalleled visibility behind your car. This way, you will be more aware of
what’s behind your car, and avoid minor accidents. You see, every year, parents drivers without
backup camera system tragically run over their kids while reversing their vehicles out of their
parking lots or garages. These are children who are way too young to understand any better.
Same goes for our four-legged friends.
With that said, having a backup camera system installed by a professional is a no-brainer. This
nifty gadget helps parents reverse with confidence, and be sure that no pets or kids are hiding
under or behind the car.
It Saves Money

You don’t need a calculator to understand how installing a backup camera system will save you
money. While some drivers master parallel parking and reserving soon after learning to drive, it
always remains tricky for most people. Gauging the space between your vehicle and the car
behind, for one, is often a challenge, and can lead to minor to severe accidents if your car doesn’t
have a backup camera system.

The thing is: these little fender-benders will cost you a lot of money in repairs and high insurance
premiums. By investing in a good backup camera system, you’ll significantly reduce the chances
of being involved in one of these otherwise avoidable collisions and accidents.
Hook Up a Tow, Caravan, Trailer, and More without Trouble

If you are like most people, you might find it hard hook up a caravan or trailer when there’s no
one around to guide you. But with a backup camera system, you can hook it up without much
hassle. That is why these reversing cameras have gained increased popularity with caravan
owners and fishing enthusiasts. All you have to do is fire up the camera and attach your boat tow
without having any trouble.
Enjoy More Ergonomic, More Comfortable Driving

Reverse parking without the help of a backup camera system is no picnic. You’ve to crane your
neck and turn on your car seat in a bid to check what is behind your vehicle. Needless to say, this
can be extremely uncomfortable, if not entirely daunting. Over the years, this way of driving will
take a toll on your neck, spinal cord, and your entire frame. The result is back pain and neck
Back Your Narrative with Video Statement

Here’s a benefit of having a backup camera system in your car that you might not realize until it
is useful. That’s right; if another vehicle runs into your car while the reversing camera is
switched on, you can tell your side of the story and back it up with video evidence. This will help
you keep the insurance and police off your back, and get the best compensation for any damage
caused to your vehicle.

Do you still have questions? Are you looking for a professional who can install a backup camera
system in your vehicles? Look no further than Santa Clarita Audio Sound, your go-to car shop in

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