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What I Like About A Good Sound System In My Truck

The truck sound system can seem a bit complex and hopeless at the beginning. But, if you try hard enough you might just want to stay in your truck all day and that is exactly what one of our customers have to say about his experience as we give you a detailed list of the things he loved most about his new Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS Receiver.

Kevin — The sound system that came with my truck sucked big time. It basically had nothing from this century — no Bluetooth capability, no USB port, you catch my drift? So, last August, I decide to upgrade my car stereo with something that offers a bit more oomph. First, I wanted something that will enhance my listening experience. But, I also wanted a car stereo system that offered the ultimate in-vehicle convenience. In other words, I wanted a Bluetooth car stereo that works in sync with my iPhone. I always love the fact that Apple has an in-system app that synchronizes with plenty of good truck sound systems.

My hunt for the best Bluetooth car stereo started with a chat with my IT guy, Scott. He told me to look for something that provides clear radio signaling, guaranteed connectivity, or one that features familiar accessibility. I did a little research online, picked five car stereo systems with most positive reviews, and headed over to my local car shop in Santa Clarita, California. To cut the story short, we ended up settling on Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS Receiver, which I must admit right off the bat that it’s perhaps the best decision that I’ve ever made, all thanks to Santa Clarita. I have been using this excellent car sound system for the past six months, and here is what I absolutely love about it.
The Reputation of the Manufacturer

Don’t get me wrong; but I have always had a crush on all things Pioneer — it’s simply one of the most top-notch car stereo brands out there. I remember particularly my papa’s Dodge fitted with Pioneer car stereo. We spend countless hours on cross-country trips listening to lovely music. So, Pioneer was an easy choice for me. After all, they have mastered the fine art of building robust and high-quality car stereos.
Sleek Design

I’ve always had a weakness for well-designed gizmos, and my Bluetooth car stereo simply knocked my socks off. What the car shop installed is one of the best DIN car stereo systems that the maker has on the market. And believe me, I did my homework. All things considered, the Bluetooth car stereo is magnificently engineered and well-conceived. With 5-display color options, stylish 6.95-inch motorized touchscreen, 112 key panel illumination choices, multi-angle adjustments, the DVD receiver is no shabby. In fact, I was given the opportunity to customize the look and feel of it at the car shop. As if that isn’t fabulous enough, the large and stylish display goes quite well with my truck’s lighting and dash. The size of the touchscreen itself makes it easy to glance at it without getting distracted from the wheel. That right there is what I needed from a car stereo.
Works with my iPhone!!

I already use my iPhone as a live remote control at home. It helps me set in-room environment and control my AV system and central security system. Similarly, my car stereo makes it effortless for me to listen to music and take calls using Bluetooth and via my USB cable. With the AppRadio One app, I can control some of the apps on my iPhone using the robust touchscreen display of my car stereo. When I want to listen to music, I have plenty of choices, including my iPhone’s collection, Pandora, Spotify, HD Radio, AND SiriusXM. Besides, I can get football and baseball news updates right to my screen.
Bundled Bluetooth Devices

When I am traveling with my missus, we often pair both of our smartphones. This makes it easy for us to make hands-free calls and stream music in a breeze.
Satellite Radio

The car shop in Santa Clarita, California, gave me an option of having satellite radio embedded in my Bluetooth car stereo, and I didn’t hesitate to take the offer. And the satellite radio experience has been fabulous. I no longer have to scan through the messy static to locate my favorite radio channels. If I want to listen in on a live sports event, I simply swipe to get to my favorite sports radio station.

Best of all, I don’t have to worry about my radio station losing signal when I travel across the state. That’s right; the satellite radio feature enables me to listen to my fave station regardless of my location. One time I traveled from California to Arizona without even changing the channel.

The sound was crispy clear all the way to Scottsdale. These are just but a few reasons why I like my good sound system. In addition to the sleek design, a range of radio options, Bluetooth capability, and seamless iPhone connectivity, the car stereo can also render video content played from DVDs, CDs, smartphones, MP3 players, and
USB stick drives.

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