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The best 4 ways to customize your Jeep – Tips on Jeep upgrades. Top 4 reasons why Jeep is one of America’s fast growing auto brands

Jeep has a lot of advantages that make jeep drivers Jeepers. Some of those advantages are that these are perfect off-road, all-weather cars, they are convertible and you always get attention. But there is another important advantage for us. These vehicles give you an opportunity to customize them as no other vehicle owner can do. The great part is that comparing with other vehicles, the more parts and accessories you add on your jeep the cooler it looks.
Tires and Wheels:
What you see first when you look at a Jeep? The right answer is you see tires. Off-roading is much more fun if you have appropriate tires and wheels. The more aggressive the tread design and the bigger wheels and tires are, the better the trail performance is. But large tires and wheels also mean more noise, higher gas consumption. So if you don’t use your jeep for off-roading, you definitely do not need 40’’ tires. When choosing tires and wheels for your Jeep you must take into consideration the weather conditions you’ll be driving in. Such conditions can be snow, ice, slush, rain, and freezing rain, etc… Lights:
Like I previously said when you look at the Jeep you see the tires first. Well, that’s only when it has its lights off. Besides the look, the more important part is that you make your off-roading adventures a lot safer at night time by adding lights and light bars to your Jeep. No accessory gives you so much flexibility as Jeep lights do. Light bars and brackets can be attached to the top of your hood, windshield, or even to your bumper. There are a variety of locations to mount your lights. Such locations can be the bumper, windshield, A-pillar, the top of your hood, side mirrors. Also if you have a large spare tire you’ll definitely need a third brake light too.
After you choose the lighting for your jeep, it is important to protect them with light covers, light guards. Light covers and light guards also upgrade the look of your jeep and give a more off-road look to it. We have a great selection of LED, HID, Halogen light kits, LED light bars, clip-on LED lights, fog lights, headlight and taillight sets, light bezels, covers and guards, X-Clamps, interior lights, light bulbs, etc… Jeep tops:
There are different styles and materials available to choose from. Your choice depends on the Jeep’s model year, driving conditions, your preferences and on your budget, of course. First thing, you need to choose between hard and soft tops. Hard tops are the best option for cold weather, they are much safer and they provide excellent insulation. At the same time it’s harder to remove the hard top and comparing with soft tops they are more expensive.
But if you want to enjoy the open air, not spending too much money, get a really nice soft top. Or if your jeep came with a soft top and it’s already worn out, you can get a replacement soft top or try to look for a new look. Another plus is that soft tops come with variety of features, such as storage pockets, roll back sunroofs, etc… Even if your Jeep came with a hard top, you still can change it with a soft top. We have a lot of soft top types available at Santa Clarita Auto Sound. We carry replacement soft tops, cargo net system, bowless tops, island toppers, summer briefs, eclipse sun shades, etc… It’s a good idea to install an acoustic brief. It will significantly reduce the road noise while driving with a soft top on. Also there is an option to install hard top sound deadeners, without removing your hard top. It reduces the noise and protects passengers from heat and cold as well. Bumpers:
Jeep bumpers are designed to shield the front and rear ends of the vehicle (parking lights, the grill, trunk, hood, fuel, headlamps and taillights, exhaust and cooling systems, etc…) from obstacles such as rocks, stumps, and boulders in low speed collisions. Besides that they dramatically change your vehicles appearance. Bumpers come in different shapes, materials, sizes and weights. Factory bumpers usually contain a very little amount of steel or aluminum. That’s the reason that factory bumpers don’t provide the necessary level of protection. Plus it makes it harder to install some accessories on them. If you’re going to drive your jeep in wet weather conditions, then aluminum bumpers can be a good option. These bumpers are pretty lightweight, which allows you to improve your ride quality and save on fuel. On the other hand, if you think you’re going to claim some crazy rocks, then you better choose steel. However manufacturers try different ways to eliminate the shortcomings of every material mixing them with some amount of other materials. Some of them come out pretty good. It’s not possible to talk about all the ways of customizing a jeep in one post. At Santa Clarita Auto Sound we also carry spare tires and spare tire holders, side armors, mirrors, bestop hoods, grill overlays, tow straps and emergency cords, seat covers, hood covers, floor mats and liners, grab handles, fuel doors, roof rocks, etc… So if you have any ideas, questions you would like to discuss with our professionals, they will be more than happy to help you.
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