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Santa Clarita Auto Sound Announces Window Tinting Services for Car Owners in California

25th June, 2016, Santa Clarita, CA: California based Santa Clarita Auto Sound has recently introduced the Window Tinting Service for its customers. The company will also be providing attractive offers as part of its Window Tinting service.

Sharing more information about their latest service, a spokesperson at Santa Clarita Auto Sound shared, “Window tinting service is excellent for car owners who seek privacy and security for their cars. With Santa Clarita Auto Sound’s window tinting services, car owners will enjoy huge savings and excellent quality tints for their vehicles.”

It must be noted that Santa Clarita Auto Sound is renowned for offering exceptional quality window tint films. Their films are manufactured in the United States using premium quality materials as well as advanced art manufacturing procedures. Currently, the company offers window tinting shades ranging from 4 to 80 percent as well as brands like SunTek, Johnson, Viper, SunGaurd and others. The company also offers lifetime warranty on their window tint films.

Santa Clarita Auto Sound offers a wide variety of tint films including security tint, ceramic tint and factory matched black tint. The security tint is thicker in comparison to standard tint and helps in keeping the intruders away. On the other hand, ceramic tint helps in minimizing the heat in comparison to the standard tinting.

With Santa Clarita Auto Sound’s window tinting, car owners can reduce heat by at least 60 percent during summers. The company provides excellent quality window tints that offer around 99% of Ultra-Violet upholstery protection. The tint films offer amazing protection against the harmful rays of the sun that cause skin diseases such as skin cancer. Car window tints also aid in shatter proofing your cars. This helps in holding the glass together when it is shattered and further helps in safeguarding the car occupants during auto accidents. Tinting also helps in minimizing headlight and sun’s glare, enabling the driver to drive their cars safely.

Santa Clarita Auto Sound’s window tints are also excellent for car owners who want to keep their car’s content and privacy intact. This further helps in minimizing car thefts and stealing incidents. The window tint films also function as a sunscreen for cars.

The Company will also provide affordable window tint films and exciting offers as part of its window tinting services.

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