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roundvs square subwoofer

Round Subwoofers vs. Square Subwoofers. Which one to choose?

The Pros and Cons of Round and Square Subwoofers. While there are many types of subwoofers, the two most common types are round and square.
How to Choose The Right One for Your vehicle?

A 12″ subwoofer square polypropylene cone stays rigid to fight distortion.
At the same time, the Santoprene rubber surround and solid steel basket keep the cone on track at high volume and offers up to 20% more surface area than a similar-sized round cone for extra impact. A square subwoofer is louder and less distortive.

Round subwoofers have a cylindrical shape, while square ones have a rectangular shape.

A subwoofer is a speaker that produces low-frequency sound waves. Subwoofers are typically installed in cars, and they produce sound waves that can be felt by people sitting inside the vehicle.

The word “subwoofer” is derived from the term “sub-bass.” The term was coined in the 1960s to describe speakers capable of reproducing low-frequency bass sounds that did not need a large cabinet to produce them.

Subwoofers are often used for commercial and industrial purposes, such as sound reinforcement in theaters, discotheques, and concert venues. Club sound in nightclubs, bars, and house parties; low-frequency bass sounds on mobile phones and computers. And some home theater applications.

The main difference between a subwoofer and a regular speaker is the size. Sound waves are produced by the vibrating diaphragm, which is more significant in a subwoofer than in other speakers.

How to choose a subwoofer?

The subwoofer is the speaker that brings the deep bass to your movies, music, and video games. The more powerful your subwoofer, the more bass you can get out of it. Today we will focus on the subwoofers you can install in your vehicle.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a subwoofer. We will go through them individually and give you a good overview of what to look for in each category.

Sound Quality: It’s essential to find a subwoofer that produces a high-quality sound so you can enjoy it without increasing the volume. 

To ensure the sound quality is good, check if any distortion or buzzing sounds come out of it when playing a different genre of music at high volumes. Make sure there is no hissing noise.

Compatibility: Some people might have stereo receivers and not want to purchase a new one. In this case, ensure the subwoofer you are considering buying is compatible with your current setup. If it’s not, you might have to purchase a separate stereo receiver to use the subwoofer.

Price: To find a reasonable price for your desired subwoofer, look at its ratings. Determine if you can find one with 4-5 stars, check the reviews before making your purchase, or get in touch with one of Santa Clarita Autosound experts.

Round subwoofers are generally smaller than their square counterparts, making them easier to install in tight spaces. Still, they also tend to lack the depth you might want from a bass sound.

Square subwoofers typically offer more depth than round ones. Still, they can be difficult to install in tight spaces because of their larger size.

A subwoofer is a crucial component of your automobile’s audio sound system. It is the part that provides low-frequency sounds that are not audible to human ears.

The sound waves from a subwoofer are felt more than heard, enhancing the feeling of immersion in the music you are listening to.

The bass response from a good subwoofer can be felt and heard, and it can create an intense sensation in your chest cavity, also known as ‘chest-thumping.’

Benefits of Round vs. Square Subs

Round subs are more efficient in terms of space and cost. They also offer better sound quality. However, they are not as durable as square speakers.

Square speakers offer better sound dispersion, meaning the sound will be more evenly distributed in a car and can fill up a larger space than round speakers.

The best option for you would depend on your needs and preferences. If you need something more durable or want to fill up a large area with the same sound quality, then square subs may be the better option.
Round speakers will be the best option if you need something more efficient and cost-effective.

A square subwoofer is louder than a round subwoofer.

This is because of the way that the sound waves travel through the square subwoofer. The sound waves travel in a straight line, so they are not lost in all of the corners and curves in the round subwoofer.

The square subwoofers are louder because they have a wider surface area. This means they have more cone area and can push more air than round subwoofers. This is why they are louder. Square subwoofers are louder because of their cone area, which is wider than round subwoofers.

Why Square Subwoofers?

Most speakers you encounter are round. So why did Kicker make subwoofers
that are square? The answer is very simple…more cone area. The advantage of
having more cone area means you will get more air movement and that equals more
bass output.

Round speakers have been the most common shape because they are relatively
simple to construct. At low frequencies, the shape of the speaker cone does not affect
the sound quality (as long as the cone is strong enough to resist flexing under

Having more cone area will move more air than a smaller cone with less
area. That is why large woofers are necessary if you want a lot of bass in your vehicle.
The only way to get more cone area for the same size of woofer is to make it

A round speaker is essentially a square speaker with the corners rounded off.
This will decrease the cone area and produce less bass output. If you leave more of the
cone area intact, you will have more bass from that speaker. This is why Kicker has
engineered square subwoofers.

They required a lot of research and development but
they deliver all the bass hardcore bass enthusiasts require.
Kicker did not invent the square speaker.

Square speakers have been around
for decades. Kicker did pioneer the deep dish, long travel, square subwoofer that is
dedicated to producing maximum bass from a given area. This was made possible with
the patented ribbed corners.

The ribbed corners allow the surround to compress and
expand as the cone travels in and out without deformation, distortion or unnecessary
stress on the surround’s corners.

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