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How To Upgrade Your Car Audio System And Speakers

High-Tech Making Lives Easier in 2020

Have you ever wondered how easy our lives have become with artificial intelligence? The new devices and technologies utilized in everyday life make our lives not only pleasant but our working environment more effective and productive. Santa Clarita AutoSound is equipped with the latest technology. One of our favorite products is Apple CarPlay. It is specifically designed for driving scenarios. 

Among the many interesting features of Apple CarPlay is that they are reimagined for the cars and you can easily use it while hands and eyes can stay in their places. Another interesting feature of CarPlay is that while scrolling down the music list, it shows letters which makes it easier for a person to choose the artist to play.

Business people who use calendars can benefit from its Calendar app that gives a simple and quick view of the day while you are driving. What I love most about Apple CarPlay is that messaging has become so much easier. You can just say, “Siri, tell Mom I will be there in 10 minutes”. To learn more about Apple CarPlay, click here. 

However, the most exciting feature about Apple CarPlay is that it makes your driving safer. This is how amazed I was at I asked Siri to find a gas station near me and it started navigating me in that direction. I did not take my hands off the steering wheel. This is exactly what makes Apple CarPlay essential precondition for safe driving. To learn more about the amazing features of Apple CarPlay or how to install it in one day you can come to our shop or call us. 

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