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Enhance Your Daily Commute With A Custom Vehicle Sound System

Ed. Note: The following content was provided by Santa Clarita Auto Sound, who is a client of KHTS AM-1220.

Whether your work commute takes you all the way to Los Angeles every day or you simply drive yourself or your kids around town, drivers can help enhance their daily commute by improving their vehicle’s sound system.

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If you’ve noticed the sound on your car’s stereo system doesn’t sound quite right lately, Santa Clarita Auto Sound Owner David Tchakerian recommends you first try to change the source to improve the quality of the sound.Santa Clarita Auto Sound

However, not all vehicles will allow you to do so, which is where the experts at Santa Clarita Auto Sound come in.

“In certain vehicles, like the newer vehicles, you can’t really change the source, so you can add a sound processor to it,” he said. “From there, changing the amplifier and then the speakers will make a huge difference.”

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Many vehicles come with poor quality speakers from the manufacturer, according to Tchakerian, so replacing your car’s speakers can also have a big impact on the quality of your stereo’s sound.
“They make speakers with very little, tiny magnets and they actually make the speakers out of cardboard so there’s a lot of flex in them,” Tchakerian continued. “They definitely will distort very quickly and sometimes even blow in a short period of time– I would say a couple years or so depending on how loud you play them.”

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Replacing cardboard-based speakers with speakers made of a rigid, solid material that won’t flex will help ensure your radio, CDs or music apps will continue to play high quality music for years to come.
While the staff at Santa Clarita Autosound specialize in creating custom vehicle sound systems, they also offer customized vehicle upgrades like alarm and entertainment systems, iPod integration, bluetooth integration and more.

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