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Choosing The Right Car Audio Stereo System

Automotive stereos have come an extended over the past decade with manufacturers adding new features and additions regularly. As cassette players have now been phased out and CD players starting to be also, new technology like MP3 compatibility and mobile connectivity are now becoming more common in-vehicle sound systems.
With the newest technology being an important aspect when purchasing a replacement stereo system; the choice in what fits best for you and your vehicle is often quite the top ache. Here, we show you ways each component can help the standard of your sound.

Stereo Receivers

At the guts of all systems, are that the “Stereo Receivers”. The Stereo receiver is an integral part of the vehicle’s overall stereo sound. This is where the amplifiers and speakers are going to be connected and thus, where you’ll control the output and quality of the sound. The Stereo Receiver is usually located (or mounted) within the center of the dashboard, easily accessible for both the driving force and passenger.

Stereo Receivers can feature:

AM/FM Radio tuner
Smart Phone support (often via Bluetooth)
Satellite Radio
Multi-Language Display
CD Player
MP3 Compatibility
Auxiliary Input
GPS Navigation
USB Connectivity
Digital Display Screens
Detachable Faces
Remote Controlled
DVD Player

Allowing the user to possess control over speaker balance, volume, frequency, bass, treble, and even noise fading, is out there in most units.


Speakers are available for a variety of costs determined by sound quality, performance, and capacity. Aftermarket speakers generally have more sound capabilities by having a bigger response frequency. When purchasing new speakers, it’s important to seem out for the facility handling, sensitivity, and physical size of the speakers to make sure they’re going to suit your vehicle.
Other types of speakers, such as tweeters and subwoofers are also available. Tweeters are small speakers that help to enhance the standard of upper frequencies above 2 kHz. Tweeters are small, lightweight, and really efficient; they will respond quickly, requiring little power to run the speakers. Subwoofers are the opposite of tweeters as they require large amounts of power and are designed to produce low frequencies or bass. Subwoofers require an amplifier to run and are generally fitted to a specifically designed box.


Amplifiers boost the signal power, leading to a clearer sound with more volume available whilst eliminating distortion. In order to run an amplifier, the top unit must have RCA outputs to attach to the amplifier. The continuous power output (measured in watts) that the amplifier produces is named RMS power. Two-channel amplifiers are made to power two speakers, while four-channel amplifiers are made to power four speakers.
Amplifiers should never be mounted onto metal within the vehicle; this may create unnecessary vibrations and noise problems. Instead, mount to the subwoofer box (generally made up of wood) or use screws with rubber isolators or foam tape if mounting to metal is unavoidable.

Why replace or upgrade your stereo system?

For overall better quality, more features, or if your current system is faulty
For better sound quality
For more power and volume to your speakers

How to choose the proper head system for you

Depending on what you would like from your vehicle’s stereo, the chances are almost endless. For general functionality and simple use, Santa Clarita Autosound stocks a good range of trendy and affordable systems. If you would like the newest technology, like having the ability to link the unit to your phone, have inbuilt GPS navigation, and have clear and loud sound, Santa Clarita Autosound again has you covered with some advanced stereo systems.
Head to your local Santa Clarita Autosound store at 25845 Railroad Ave. Unit 10 Santa Clarita, CA 91350 receive expert advice and helpful hints on what’s best for you. Santa Clarita Autosound can even fit the unit for you!
Questions to ask yourself whilst on the search for a stereo system?

What sizes will slot in your car (speaker, Stereo Receivers, amplifier, and subwoofer sizes)?

What type of sound do you want from the stereo? Do you listen mostly to the radio, MP3 players or CDs?
What type of music (rock, classical, R & B, jazz, etc) do you listen to?
Are you after the newest technology or something simple and easy-to-use?
Is budget or quality more important to you?
If upgrading only the top Unit, will the new Stereo Receivers support your current Speakers?
Do you already have or want an Amplifier or Subwoofer?
Answering the questions above can help narrow your search and help make a troublesome choice a touch easier. If you head right down to your local store, our friendly staff can help guide you in your decision.

Great Stereo Products Available at Santa Clarita Autosound

Stereo Receivers
This information is provided as a guide only and professionals should be consulted when doing any work to a vehicle. Santa Clarita Autosound isn’t responsible for any loss or damage which is suffered or incurred (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) for any personal injury or damage to property suffered or sustained as a result of using the information provided.

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