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8 Must Know Common In-Dash Navigation Systems Features

In-dash navigation systems, despite their narrow nomenclature and size, are the undisputed
superstars of modern driving. Their built-in GPS navigation systems are far more reliable and
more robust than mapping apps found in most high-end smartphones. That is why they come in
especially handy when you are plying unfamiliar roads, driving in areas with erratic cell
coverage, or just want your memory refreshed.
But, in-dash navigation systems do much more than provide directions. They are ideal for
today’s road warriors and put the driver in command of a vast variety of entertainment,
communication, information options via an all-in-one device. However, not all in-dash
navigation systems are created equal.
In this post, we are going to look at eight features that come standard in most in-dash GPS
systems. We are talking about qualities that make these nifty gadgets so good at offering turn-by-
turn navigation plus more, including in-car entertainment, hands-free calling, and satellite radio.
(1) Easy Installation

In-dash navigations systems can either be single-din or double-din, with regard to the space
required for installation. A single-din in-dash GPS guidance unit is usually the size of your built-
in radio interface or CD player; a double-din unit takes up two times that space.
Although most in-dash navigation systems are double-din, not all of them come in clean-cut sizes
that fit well into your vehicle’s dash. As such, you’ve to ensure that your potential unit is
compatible with your automobile.
(2) GPS Navigation

All in-dash navigation systems come preinstalled with the latest in GPS technology. They are a
little different from the GPS apps that come pre-installed on your iPhone or Android
smartphones. Well, both will certainly give you the directions, but with varying results.
GPS systems in these gadgets comprise maps that are programmed into them with razor-focused
locations and graphics. Unfortunately, most in-dash navigation systems only work in Canada,
here in the States, and Mexico. Beyond that, the navigation comes packed with points of interests
to help travelers zero in on gas stations, parks, airports, local eats, and much more.
(3) Easy to Use Interface (UI)

Plenty of in-dash navigation systems have an intuitive user interface and ample display,
regardless of their feature set and price points. The screen and interface can come in useful when
you’re driving, and you don’t want to be distracted from the wheel.
The easy to read controls and the multitouch screen make it effortlessly easy to access features
such as radio, music, and make quick changes without taking your eyes off the road for long.
(4) Display

Top-notch in-dash navigation systems boast of large, ample display screens. This way, they make
it easy to check the menu and navigation options, especially when you are driving and need to
just glance at it. You can expect most screens to be around 6.2” when measured diagonally, with
some even larger than 7.”
Most car owners love larger screens because they are not only easy to use but also make it quite
easy for other occupants to watch a movie/video from the rear or middle row of the car. That’s
why it’s crucial to consider the resolution of the screen. A high-res screen bolsters a crisper
picture. Likewise, the screen brightness is important to take into consideration, especially if you
will frequently be driving at night.
(5) Speed Alert

Speeding and reckless driving have proven deadly for most Californian drivers. That’s why great
in-dash navigation systems feature speed alerts. This life-saving component lets out a warning
sound when you exceed the road’s preset speed limit, helping you keep accidents and speeding
tickets at bay.
(6) Digital Storage

Again, in-dash navigation systems allow you to get unparalleled access to your music, photo,
files, videos, and other media. The unit itself comes with plenty of integrated storage space or
memory, usually more than 8GB. As if that isn’t terrific enough, these in-dash navigation
systems allow input from USB drives, SD cards, and other stick drives
(7) Multimedia – Compatibility with Other Devices

With iPhone and other smartphones becoming ubiquitous, most in-dash navigation systems adapt
and provide a ton of multimedia compatibility. They marry well with most Audio/Visual gadgets
besides the smartphones. With that said, consider factors like the audio spec, power output of the
amplifier, video outputs, and multi-channel capability when shopping for in-dash navigation
With top-range in-dash GPS systems, you must be able to entertain the car occupants in the back
while getting step-by-step direction to your destination in the front. That’s the beauty of
multimedia feature that comes standard in most in-dash navigation systems.
(8) Live Traffic

Today’s in-dash navigation systems boast of a traffic receiver, a lifesaver and time-saver feature
which provides you with real-time updates on what’s happening on the roads ahead.

To install state of the art in-dash GPS system or learn more about other standard features, visit Santa Clarita Audio Sound, your go-to local car shop for all things in-dash navigation systems.

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